heat pump awarded in Geneva
Termocasa - The largest producer of HEAT PUMPS in ROMANIA, since 2008
heat pump awarded in Geneva

The largest manufacturer of
HEAT PUMPS from Romania
– since 2008 –

Winner of GOLD MEDAL at the International Invention Fair 2018 and 2019 in GENEVA – SWITZERLAND

Heat pump

Prices include VAT

6KW 2600 Euros 3700 Euros 50-80-100 sq.m
12KW 3700 Euros 4800 Euros 80-120-250 sq.m
18KW 4800 Euros 5900 Euros 150-180-300 sq.m
24KW 6300 Euros 7600 Euros 200-280-450 sq.m
48KW 11900 Euros 15600 Euros 350-450-650 sq.m
96KW 22900 Euros 27400 Euros 500-650-950 sq.m
Production capacity up to 3200 pieces of heat pumps annual!

"I find it much more interesting to do something in a country where everyone tells you that nothing can be done"

Justin Goat
Termocasa awarded at the Geneva International Salon
Geneva International Salon Award
The products of the group of companies Termocasa gold medalists in Geneva, the most prestigious invention salon in the world!


Termocasa - invention in the field of heating systems

A Bihorian invented a unique heating system in the world! - News

Adrian Farcaş, from Bihor, presents these days his invention in the field of heating systems at the International Salon of Research, Innovation and Invention Pro...

Who is

TERMOCASA is not just a commercial company, it is a Group of companies that collaborates in the development and production of equipment and technologies contributing significantly to the protection of the environment.
The design and production of Heat Pumps and Direct Absorption Solar Panels as simple and efficient as possible has become the main objective.


Our philosophy is the development of Romania, which is why we try to outsource most of the production of Heat Pumps and Solar Panels, thus involving as many Romanians as possible in the production, sale and distribution activity.


marketed by TERMOCASA encompasses the work and effort of more than 10 commercial companies, individual enterprises or authorized natural persons and more than 50 Romanians who give their all to make better and more competitive products than the competition.

The experience

Given that we have more than 10 years experience, all products Termocasa it benefits from a special customer support and unparalleled performance and we believe that we have done, are doing and will do everything we can to ensure that no customer is left unsatisfied, because the best advertisement is satisfied customers.

Design by Adrian Farcaş
Romanian top level engineering


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