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What are the best heat pumps?


    - Water to water heat pumps are the most efficient because the ground water has a constant temperature and therefore the performance of heat pumps will be maximum all year round regardless of the outside temperature. 

    - Ground-to-water heat pumps are the middle variant, ie they can have performances close to water-to-water heat pumps if the wells or coils in the ground are correctly dimensioned and made.

    - Air - to - water heat pumps are the third variant and are used when the first two variants cannot be installed due to difficult access to groundwater, small land size, rocky soil, etc.


What is the difference between a CLASSIC or COMFORT heat pump?


- Model pumps Termocasa COMFORT are equipped with a Copeland brand compressor and have a warranty of up to 20 years as well as a performance 10-15% higher than the model Termocasa CLASSICAL.

- Model pumps Termocasa CLASIC are equipped with scroll compressor brand DAIKIN, PANASONIC, MITSUBISHI etc. and have a warranty of up to 10 years and a performance 10-15% lower than the model Termocasa COMFORT.


Classic Model: 2 years full warranty

Comfort Model: 5 years full warranty and preparation for capacity expansion + 1 module 

The Heat Pump can be controlled Termocasa via the internet? 


- Heat pumps TERMOCASA can be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for monitoring or communication via the Internet and are also compatible with all Smart Home equipment on the market, thus optimizing electricity consumption according to your schedule.

- Through efficiency and reliability heat pumps Termocasa they are far ahead of the competition so they can ensure your comfort and pampering regardless of the weather outside.




What are the Warranty terms?


Standard Warranty:

- Heat pumps TERMOCASA Classic model benefits from a warranty period of 10 years for the compressor and 2 years for the rest of the components

- Heat pumps TERMOCASA Comfort model benefits from a warranty period of 20 years for the compressor and 2 years for the rest of the components.

Premium Warranty:

- Heat pumps TERMOCASA water-water Comfort model benefits surcharge (10% of the full price of the heat pump) of a 20-year full warranty package.

At intervals of up to 3 years, at heat pumps Termocasa a revision is required in which the replacement of consumables or other components that are worn or do not work in the parameters are performed. This overhaul is performed free of charge (under the Premium warranty) or for a fee (under the Standard warranty) depending on the type of warranty, and the customer will only bear the cost of the supplies. These revisions are necessary and are performed by the company Termocasa or its representatives at the domicile or headquarters of the client and at the written request of the customer, to ensure that you benefit from all the comfort and safety in the up to 20 years warranty.

Limited Warranty:

- At heat pumps Termocasa Classic model, the customer can opt for a full warranty of only 3 years without the obligation to maintain or change heat pump consumables Termocasa.

- At heat pumps Termocasa Comfort model, the customer can opt for a full warranty of only 5 years without the obligation to maintain or change the heat pump consumables Termocasa.

These warranty terms have been set based on the company's over 10 years of experience TERMOCASA it also acquired it from the performances of the equipment and components used.


Why offer Termocasa such long warranty periods?


Reliability tests:

- Heat pumps Termocasa they are equipped with particularly reliable components, which have been subjected to endurance and stress tests in the last 10 years and the test results have proven the reliability of the materials and techniques used in the production process.

Brazing (welding) with Silver in the Hydrogen field:

- As is known, all heat pump manufacturers are developing technologies capable of ensuring long-term resistance of brază(thus) experts in chemistry and materials technology within the company Termocasa they did several tests and developed protocols for performing the brazăinvolving the use of precious metals such as silver in alloys and the brazing (welding) technique is complemented by an atmosphereă controlled by the use of hydrogen in combination with other chemical compounds that can seal all brazing (welding) pores so that not to allow the formation of copper oxides inside the refrigeration circuits and there are no leaks. The process of brazing (welding) of the components is done by depleting the oxygen atmosphere especially inside the pipes, adding nitrogen (nitrogen) to avoid the appearance of oxides and also use nitrogen (nitrogen) when testing under pressure of over 30 bar of each brazed (welded) component to ensure proper operation during the 20-year warranty period of the products Termocasa. 

- These techniques are clearly superior to the techniques used by our competitors, which is why we can provide a warranty period of up to 20 years.


How difficult it is to install heat pumps Termocasa ?


- Heat pumps TERMOCASA were made by Romanian engineers with extensive experience in the field of heat pumps and their priority was to minimize all installation requirements. 

Heat pumps TERMOCASA they can be installed without any problem by any authorized installer  without being specialized in the field of heat pumps.

Heat pumps TERMOCASA does not require programming or setting of parameters because their operating algorithm is intuitive and equipped with self-protection in case of any deficiencies in the installation or operation.

- The number of hydraulic or electrical connections has been reduced to a minimum so as not to cause problems during installation.

Heat pumps TERMOCASA keeps its warranty conditions if they have been installed by any authorized installer.

- The only requirements are the observance of the electric voltage (230V or 380V) as well as of the flows in the hydraulic circuits.


Why choose the heat pumps produced by the company TERMOCASA?


- Heat pumps TERMOCASA water-water or soil-water can be installed by any authorized installer without specialization in the field of heat pumps and keeps its full warranty !!!

- Heat pumps TERMOCASA incorporates technologies invented in Romania by Romanian engineers.
- Heat pumps TERMOCASA water-water are the only ones on the market that do not require an intermediate exchanger (according to our research).
- Heat pumps TERMOCASA It benefits from very long warranty periods and ultra-fast service due to its increased reliability and customer service.
- Heat pumps TERMOCASA benefit from the best performancetis ULTRAFLEX flexible heat exchangers on the market.
- Heat pumps TERMOCASA have unmatched performance even by the most well-known foreign brands of heat pumps (annoying for their representatives who try to discredit products TERMOCASA manufactured in Romania).


What is the depth at which drilling for groundwater should be done?


- Experts from the company Termocasa recommends drilling to obtain water up to the first groundwater that can provide the water flow required for the heat pump, groundwater that can be 2, 4, 6 or 8 meters deep in most cases. 

What is the recommended temperature of the heating agent in the heating system?


- The temperature of the heating medium must be as low as possible, ie 35-45 ° C, but water-water or ground-water heat pumps can perform very well even at higher temperatures 50-60 ° C.


Why are heat exchangers TERMOCASA - The best performing ULTRAFLEX on the market?

- Heat exchangers TERMOCASA - ULTRAFLEX are the only heat exchangers known to date whose shape changes depending on the operating conditions of the heat pump and thus avoidedă their destruction when overloads appear (frost, pressure, etc.).

- Heat exchangers TERMOCASA - ULTRAFLEX are the only heat exchangers known to date, which have protection against deposits of limescale or other chemical elements and thus avoidă clogging of the heat exchanger for a period of more than 20 years.

- Heat exchangers TERMOCASA - ULTRAFLEX are the only heat exchangers known to date, which have a warranty period of up to 20 years.


What are the cases in which we need Puffer?


- The buffer is a storage tank of the thermal agent located between the heat pump and the heating system of the building. Its role is to prevent frequent starts and stops of the heat pump, which can lead to the destruction of the compressor. Therefore the buffer must be installed in the case of heating systems where there is automation for each room separately or if the radiant surfaces in the building are undersized and in all other cases it is not recommended to use the buffer because it can reduce the performance and life of the heat pump. and implicitly the increase of current consumption.


What should be considered for the proper functioning of heat pumps?


- For a correct operation of the heat pumps, frequent starts must be avoided, ie the time between two consecutive starts must be at least 2 hours to avoid damaging the compressor.







Expert opinion about Heat pump Termocasa

Customer reviews about Heat pump Termocasa

Customer reviews about Heat pump Termocasa

Customer reviews about Heat pump Termocasa





heat pump assembly drawings







- The supply voltage must be (+/- 2% tolerance) 230v or 380v (230v on each phase) both at the start of the heat pump and during operation.
- Temperature difference between flow (hot outlet ) and return (warm entrance) should be about 5 ° C.
- Temperature difference between flow (cold exit) and return (cold entry) should be about 5 ° C.
- Recirculation pumps must be a minimum of 32-8, NOT electronic and set at maximum speed. If the recirculation pump 32-8 does not cope hydraulically, we recommend mounting on the return a more powerful pump such as Pedrollo JSWm 1C or other models with similar characteristics.
- In the case of distributors, we do NOT recommend the use of mixing valves or hydraulic leveling because they reduce the flow of the heating medium.
- TMC 3-way valve can be mounted on both flow and return as we have temperatures below 60 ° C.
- Flow rates or returns from heat pumps are NOT connected to the same outlet to the buffer, for heating the flow is connected to the highest connection and the return is connected to the lowest connection of the buffer.
- For the exact measurement of the temperature, a non-contact thermometer will be used, and the reading will be performed on metal surfaces previously covered with an electrical insulating tape or paint so as not to reflect.
- Before entering the water from the borehole in the heat pump it is necessary to install 2 direction valves or gravity valves and an impurity filter with washable cartridge (according to the sketches above).
- The surface of the coil in the boiler must be:

  • 3sqm for a 22kw pump,
  • 2,5sqm for a 18kw pump,
  • 2sqm for a 12kw pump.

- Before starting the heat pump, check the circuits so that you do not have closed valves or a 3-way valve that is not blocked in a position that obstructs the passage of the heating medium.
- At the first start of the heat pump it is recommended to use another socket in the building to supply the recirculation pump and the ground water pump and after setting the thermostats (boiler, buffer, etc.), the pumps to be supplied from the installed socket on the heat pump housing.




heat pump termocasa heat pump termocasa heat pump termocasa


   Termocasa it is not just a company, it is a Group of Roma companiesâneșcollaborating in the development and production of equipment and technologies contributing significantly to environmental protection.   Design and production of Heat Pumps and Solar Panels with Direct Absorption as much as possible simple and effective has become the main goal. 


    Our philosophy is represented by the development of Romania, which is why we try to outsource most of the production of Heat Pumps and Solar Panels, thus involving as many Romanians as possible in the activity of production, sale and distribution. 


    Each product marketed by TERMOCASA includes the work and effort of more than 10 companies, II or PFA and more than 50 Romanians who do their best to make better and more competitive products than the competition.


    Given that we have more than 10 years experience, all products Termocasa it benefits from a special assistance to the client and unparalleled performance and we consider that we have done, do and will do everything we can so that no client is dissatisfied, because the best advertisement is the satisfied customers.