Termocasa launches for the first time on the Romanian market, the insulated mirror Free of charge with Direct Absorption panels.


      As we know for millions of years the sun is constantly heating the planets in the solar system but it does so with great delicacy and when we talk about the planet Earth it does it as best it can, so life can be possible. The power of solar radiation is measured in w / sqm and is approximately 1000w / sqm, when we talk about the sunniest days of the year, and if we refer to cloudy days then the solar radiation can decrease by up to 20 times reaching up to about 50w / sqm. Photovoltaic or solar panels are used to capture this free solar energy, but they do it a little differently, meaning that photovoltaic panels can capture about 20% of solar radiation and solar panels can capture about 50% of solar radiation. Therefore, solar panels stand out in this race by the superior efficiency compared to photovoltaics but not all solar panels have the same efficiency, they are divided into three main categories, flat panels having the lowest efficiency due to capturing solar radiation only from a certain angle and Insufficient insulation from external factors, heat pipe panels have a mediocre efficiency due to heat transfer through no less than 5 different elements (heat exchange) which we all know that any heat exchanger means loss of efficiency and absorption panels Direct being noted for the highest efficiency in capturing solar radiation due to the lack of heat transmission elements, it is transmitted directly from solar radiation to glycol (antifreeze).

      These data were taken into account when compiling the company Termocasa made the decision to produce and sell solar panels, a decision that over a decade of experience has proven to be as wise as possible. 


The hidden secret of the products Termocasa 


      For several years, with the appearance of the first "Casa Verde" programs, more and more Romanian and foreign companies have started appearing on the Romanian market, selling solar panels and heat pumps. So, slowly the novel begins to change its orientation from the classic heating systems on solid fuel (wood, pellets), liquid (M fuel) or gas, to alternative systems that are much more environmentally friendly and easy to use. It seems that this ecological trend is expanding rapidly in the automotive industry and the future seems to belong to those who will use the energy produced by solar radiation, wind power and geothermal heat. 




Labor assembly - FREE - Heat pump Termocasa between 20-31 January 2020



Company Termocasa performs the following assembly work - FREE - (in counties: Bihor, Satu Mare, Arad, Timis, Cluj, Alba, Maramures, Salaj) in case of purchase of one or more branded heat pumps TERMOCASA Comfort water-water or ground-water model with powers between 8 and 22kw (only at the customer's request):

- installation of hydraulic connections for the cold circuit (groundwater or glycol / buried wells).

- installation of hydraulic connections for the hot circuit (home heating elementă).

- installation of electrical connections to supply the installation.

- installation of electrical connections for the control and control of the heat pump.

These are three important questions that are often asked by people who have been building their homes for decades. The answers to these questions are not given well enough, so that a man with a humanistic training rather than a technical one can understand them.

The heat pump dates back to the early twentieth century, with the invention of the refrigerator. At the basis of the operation of the heat pump, a series of phenomena and laws of physics compete: The second principle of thermodynamics: „Heat can never go by itself from a lower temperature body to a higher temperature one ”(Clausius' statement) as well as the discovery of the physicist Watt: a compressed gas emits heat and vice versa, a relaxed one - absorbs heat.


Limited fuel resources and global focus on environmental protection are issues that have drawn attention to the possibility of using renewable energy sources. Today, these heat pumps represents safe, efficient and innovative heating equipment, with economic operation from the point of view of electricity consumption.

Solar Panels

How do we choose a suitable solar panel system?

Due to a large number of posts, which I received by email or at fairs, I decided to reply to you through this article on our blog. I will try to answer as soon as possible. I am waiting for your questions by commenting on this blog post. 

If you are thinking of installing a system solar panels thermal, you should be thoroughly informed about several aspects, aspects that can significantly increase the return on your investment:

The inventor from Oradea, Adrian Farcaș, multi-awarded in Timișoara

The inventor from Oradea, Adrian Farcaș, multi-awarded in Timișoara

The heat exchanger patented by Adrian Farcaș won four awards at the International Salon of Inventions and Innovations in Timisoara.


What are the Warranty terms for water-to-water or ground-to-water heat pumps?

Standard Warranty:

- Heat pumps TERMOCASA Classic model benefits from a warranty period of 10 years for the compressor and 2 years for the rest of the components

- Heat pumps TERMOCASA Comfort model benefits from a warranty period of 20 years for the compressor and 2 years for the rest of the components.





What are the best performing solar panels?    

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