Heat pump Termocasa   FREE OF CHARGE !!!


    If we think about the past of mankind we realize that in all our history of over 100.000 years we have used for heating only fossil fuels that we burned to produce heat, and today the world is taking a big step forward through a change without preceding the transition from fossil fuel heating to renewable energy heating.   

       Thus, today's industry produces heating elements, solar panels and heat pumps that excel in unprecedented performance throughout human evolution. The company's products Termocasa show maturity given the experience of over a decade and unmatched performance that customers have become accustomed to, whether we are talking about heat pumps Termocasa or by direct absorption solar panels and CPC insulated mirror Termocasa , in both cases we refer to products designed in Romania by experts in the field of heating using renewable energy. Manufacture of branded products Termocasa it is also made on the Romanian territory by specialists we are proud of abroad.

      Given the success of the brand products Termocasa both nationally and for export, we want to give as many facilities as possible to our customers who have given us their trust in the products and services we offer.

      So compania Termocasa together with the most important suppliers of subassemblies for heat pumps, we decided to run a campaign to stimulate professional and amateur installers alike as well as customers who associate in order to purchase branded heat pumps Termocasa , to know our products as well as possible and to have the possibility to receive F R E E a heat pump at the top of customers' preferences in terms of performance and reliability. We recommend that installers install a heat pump at home or in the office, so that they can monitor it and present to customers their own experience regarding the efficiency and reliability of our products.

        This campaign is also valid for individuals or legal entities that we recommend to join in order to purchase heat pumps so as to benefit from a heat pump. F R E E .

   To access this campaign, you must send a registration request to your email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript to see it. , request in which please specify the name of the campaign " Heat pump Termocasa   FREE OF CHARGE " as well as your contact details.

      Thus, if the natural or legal persons who sign up for the campaign, order 3 heat pumps at the list price within 12 months from the date of launching the first order, they will receive a water-to-water or ground-to-water heat pump of choice between 8 and 22kw FREE OF CHARGE .

    Within this campaign can be granted F R E E water-to-water or ground-to-water heat pumps of your choice between 8 and 22kw cu the package ofstandard warranty , ie a gift up to 4400euro !!!

    For more details please contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript to see it. or by phone: +40757010000 or +40784010000 .


      We wish you a lot of success in what you do !!!