Heat pump Termocasa   FREE OF CHARGE !!!


    If we think about the past of mankind we realize that in all our history of over 100.000 years we have used for heating only fossil fuels that we burned to produce heat, and today the world is taking a big step forward through a change without preceding the transition from fossil fuel heating to renewable energy heating.   

       Thus, today's industry produces heating elements, solar panels and heat pumps that excel in unprecedented performance throughout human evolution. The company's products Termocasa show maturity given the experience of over a decade and unmatched performance that customers have become accustomed to, whether we are talking about heat pumps Termocasa or by direct absorption solar panels and CPC insulated mirror Termocasa , in both cases we refer to products designed in Romania by experts in the field of heating using renewable energy. Manufacture of branded products Termocasa it is also made on the Romanian territory by specialists we are proud of abroad.

      Given the success of the brand products Termocasa both nationally and for export, we want to give as many facilities as possible to our customers who have given us their trust in the products and services we offer.

      So ccompany Termocasa together with the most important suppliers of heat pump subassemblies, we decided to run a campaign to encourage professional installers to benefit from the facilities for purchasing branded heat pumps. Termocasa , to know our products as well as possible and to have the possibility to receive FREE OF CHARGE a heat pump at the top of customer preferences in terms of price, performance and reliability. We recommend that installers install a heat pump at home or in the office so that they can monitor it and present to customers their own experience regarding the performance and reliability of our products.

        This campaign is valid in the case of legal entities (SRL, PFA, II etc.) that sell or install heat pumps and through this campaign can benefit from one or more heat pumps FREE OF CHARGE .

   To access this campaign, you must send a registration request to your email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript to see it. , request in which please specify the name of the campaign " Heat pump Termocasa FREE OF CHARGE " as well as your identification / contact details.

      Thus, if the legal entities that sign up for the campaign order 3 heat pumps at the list price within 12 months from the date of launching the first order, they will receive a water-water, ground-water or air-water heat pump of your choice between 6 and 24kw FREE OF CHARGE .

    Within this campaign can be granted FREE OF CHARGEheat pumps cu the package ofstandard warranty , ie a gift up to 6300euro !!!


      ATTENTION !!! Individuals wishing to benefit from discounts are asked to contact one of our distributors in the table below.


   For more details please contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript to see it. or by phone: +40757010000 or +40784010000 .

      We wish you a lot of success in what you do !!!













CountyResidenceNAME COLLABORATORPhone Number Collaborator addressContactThe type of services offeredNumber of units installed 
Alba Alba Iulia              
Arad Arad Sabin  0751816168   Seleusului        20 – 30  
Arges piteşti              
Bacau Bacau              
Bihor Oradea city

Tiberius Meszaros

Lucian Habasescu

Constantin Merca

Serbian George 

Emil Boer

Remus' sheath







Oradea city

Oradea city


I ran away 

Oradea city

Oradea city


   10 – 20

   10 – 20

   10 – 20

     0 – 10

     0 – 10

     0 – 10

Bistrita-Nasaud Bistro Little Emil   0783025588           10 – 20  
Botosani Botosani              
Braşov Braşov              
Braila Braila              
Buzau Buzau              
Caras-Severin REŞIŢA              
Calarasi Calarasi              
Cluj Cluj-Napoca              
Constanta Constanta  Butuc Iosif   0741146358  Constanta          20 – 30  
Covasna Sfantu Gheorghe              
Dambovita Targoviste              
Dolj Craiova              
Galaţi Galaţi              
Giurgiu Giurgiu              
Gorj Targu Jiu              
Harghita Miercurea Ciuc              
Hunedoara Deva              
Ialomiţa slobozia              
Iaşi Iaşi              
Ilfov Bucureşti  Butuc Iosif 0741146358  Bucharest          20 – 30  
Maramures Baia Mare              
Mehedinti Drobeta Turnu-Severin              
Mureş Targu Mures              
German The Neamt stone              
Olt Slatina              
Prahova Ploiesti              
Satu Mare Satu Mare              
Salaj Zalau              
Sibiu Sibiu              
Suceava Suceava Alin Dutu  0758420585           10 – 20   
Teleorman Alexandria              
Timis Timisoara Caragea Ionut   0769693898 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need to enable JavaScript to see it.        
Tulcea Tulcea              
Vaslui Vaslui              
dale Ramnicu Valcea              
Vrancea Focsani