If you are thinking of installing a system solar panels thermal, you should be thoroughly informed about several aspects, aspects that can significantly increase the return on your investment:

Choosing the right thermal solar panels. Depending on the allocated budget, the position in which they will be installed, etc., you can choose unpressurized solar panels or high performance solar panels with Direct Absorption.

  • Choosing an authorized distributor and installer. An important aspect of the solar panel installation process is the correct installation of the system. Choosing to collaborate with an authorized distributor benefits from both specialized consulting and a correct installation, in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. Most of the time, the choice to install solar panels with unauthorized persons results in a failure, thereby understanding the damage of some component parts of the system and its improper operation. There are cases in which the manufacturer conditions the granting of the guarantee for the installation of solar panels with an authorized installer.
  • Choosing the right position. In general solar thermal panels it is installed on the roof because their efficiency is higher (due to exposure to sunlight waters for a longer period of the day). The assembly is done with the help of metal supports that are fixed on the roof of the house ( metal tile, ceramic or concrete tile, flat sheet, bituminous shingles, etc. ). Because, regardless of the chosen system (pressurized solar panels or non-pressurized solar panels), it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance works (changing the magnesium anode, the pressure and temperature protection valve, emptying unpressurized solar panels in winter, etc. .), we recommend installing a VELUX attic windows, a window that allows you easy access to the roof. Choosing the right position for solar panels can significantly increase the return on your investment.
  • maintenance solar panels . For a correct and efficient operation of the solar panels, it is necessary to periodically carry out system maintenance works:
  • dusting the panels (so that they better absorb sunlight)
  • checking the quantity and quality of solar antifreeze depending on the level or pressure.
  • in the case of pressurized solar panels, change the magnesium anode and the protection valve to temperature and pressure if necessary.
  • If you have unpressurized solar panels, they must be emptied during the winter and supplied with water without impurities or limestone.

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