Today I answer your questions. 
"I decided to buy it solar panel! What do I do next? ” A question that came on our contact form on this site. 
And to answer this question, I want to first present some advantages for people who have already bought a solar panel
These are:


  1. ensures a high degree of capture of solar energy
  2. they produce energy at high standards
  3. solar energy is free, autonomous, inexhaustible and ecological
  4. it does not consume any fuel
  5. zero degree of pollution
  6. extend the life of the existing heating system of the house
  7. thermal solar panels provides utilitarian hot water throughout the year (winter in combination with another source)
  8. photovoltaic panels reduce energy costs by about 65%
  9. reduce gas and / or electricity bill costs
  10. low costs compared to conventional energy use
  11. minimum installation, maintenance and upkeep costs 
  12. rapid return on investment
  13. easy to assemble
  14. can be placed on the roof of buildings as well as on the ground
  15. are removable (can be moved to other places)
  16. high safety during installation, maintenance and upkeep
  17. have a long life (between 25 and 30 years, depending on the model and how well maintained)
  18. contributes to the development of new energy technologies
They can be many more, but I tried to be as short as possible. Thus, in terms of nature protection, solar panels have the following advantages, discovered by us through several studies created / designed by us - we will address another topic on this topic:
  • does not consume fuel
  • does not pollute the air (reduces emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen monoxide, etc.)
  • reduce coal combustion in power plants
  • reduce the consumption of nuclear energy (thus preventing the leakage of radioactive substances)
  • contributes to the fight against global warming
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