Heat pump uses nature's energy for free, without CO2 emissions, without fuels such as wood, gas or diesel. Choose to warm up smartly. 
Did you know that?
Your home accumulates thermal energy(walls, floor, furniture, etc.) all accumulate heat or coolness that it gradually releases into the air. That is why it is absolutely important that this thermal inertia is constant regardless of the outside temperature. Basically, in order to be able to feel "warm" in a home, the walls, floor, furniture, etc. must accumulate heat constantly from the heating system, this makes it the most efficient heat pump..
Heat pump in winter it extracts heat from the ground, water or air, and then, with the help of a compressor mounted inside, the refrigerant is heated to an even higher temperature. Subsequently, it spreads heat inside the house. In summer, the cycle is reversed and the house is cooled. The heart of the heat pump is the compressor. The efficiency of the pump is measured by the COP index, which must be as high as possible.
Let's think first about wood boilers, pellets or lighters where we have to consider a lot of things: cutting wood, storing them, constantly feeding the boiler, cleaning and removing the ash, cleaning the chimney.
With the help heat pump, we can get rid of all these problems. To work, we just need to connect the heat pump to the mains. 
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