Solar Panels

How do we choose a suitable solar panel system?

What are the criteria to guide me in choosing the best solution? I have no training in the field but now I want to make an investment in an alternative energy system based on solar energy. Who can advise me professionally? Can I as an amateur in the field make a choice today that I will not regret later?

There are some questions that make you turn to us and ask for advice on a new field in which even specialized companies still have much to learn.

Concrete recommendations:

From the start we need to know what we want:

1. solar panels for domestic hot water and / or 2. solar panels for heating and DHW (domestic hot water)?

If we want a solar panel system only for domestic hot water, we have to think if we need it only for the 1st period. spring - autumn or 1b. the whole time of year? This clarified aspect we will look for a system depending on performance or depending on price.

A cheap solar panel will have the advantage of a relatively low start-up cost and in time (years) an increasingly lower efficiency.

A high-performance solar system is initially more expensive (not by much) but comfortable in terms of performance / service over the years.

The choice in this case is relatively easy because solar panel manufacturers have already predefined models according to water storage capacities precisely to facilitate consumers' choice of the right system according to the daily needs of hot water.

2. If we want a system of solar panels to help us heat and produce DHW, we must know that it will be from the beginning only throughout the year. Here things are already complicated and variables appear such as: what area does the house have? with what and how do we heat it at present? how can we know concretely what solar input we have during the winter? These elements will be professionally evaluated by computer simulation. It is extremely important that in addition to "words" there is a concrete early assessment of the energy saved in winter.

Careful! They have two houses ALWAYS different solar efficiency as a contribution to heating,NEVER likewise, depending on their specific particularities.

This intake can be from about 5% to even over 50% during the cold season.

Are there other elements along the way: vacuum tubes or flat / flat solar panels? in summer what do I do with excess hot water? can I heat the pool with solar thermal panels? can I complete the system in time?

Specialized consulting is required in choosing an optimal solar system for each requirement. "On its own" we can do it only by allocating time, study and investment in specialized training, as well as having access to information that only companies can access by nature of the specific object of activity, as well as the business relationship with producers with experience in Western Europe.

Taking into account some clear criteria we can use solar energy to our advantage without unpleasant experiences on our money.