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Termocasa is not just a commercial company, it is a group of companies that collaborate on the development and production of equipment and technologies, contributing significantly to environmental protection.

Our philosophy is the development of Romania, which is why we try to outsource most of the production of heat pumps and solar panels, thus involving as many Romanians as possible in the production, sale and distribution activity. 

Thus, every product marketed by TERMOCASA encompasses the work and effort of more than 10 commercial companies, individual enterprises or authorized natural persons and more than 50 Romanians who give their all to make better and more competitive products than the competition.

Given that we have more than 10 years experience, all products Termocasa benefits from exceptional customer support and unmatched performance, we believe that we have done, are doing and will do everything in our power to ensure that no customer remains unsatisfied, because the best advertisement is satisfied customers.


provides you with the best quality materials, professional employees and we try to occupy as important a place as possible in the heat pump and solar panel manufacturing industry. The quality of the materials, the professionalism, but also the desire to respond to all our customers, made our company establish itself on the profile market. All the products we offer you are of Romanian production or import and correspond to international quality standards. By purchasing the latest technology products in alternative energy or other accessories, you will have the quality that satisfies the highest demands.




which defies any competition


our distribution team


assortment of products (heat pumps, solar panels, boilers, etc.)


short delivery times, prompt order pickup

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