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Non-pressurized Inox-Inox 100L solar panel, 1-2 people


Price 345 EURO - VAT included

Non-pressurized solar panels Termocasa

(pick up in Oradea or by courier)

Solar panel kit with water heater contains:

  • stainless steel boiler inside 0,5mm SUS304, stainless steel outside 0,5 mm,
  • stainless steel support,
  • 7,5cm polyurethane foam insulation,
  • 12 vacuum tubes Ф58 length 1800mm, 1,02mX1,65m; 810kw/h/mXNUMX/year
  • 5 l stainless steel floating vessel
  • reflective mirrors (on request)

PRICE with installation, pipes and connections: 2500 lei with VAT included + travel.

Price of insulated mirror layer / tube = 20 lei/tube with VAT included

The video presentation shows the temperature reached by the water from the solar panel (boiler) on a sunny day with clouds.

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