without pressure

265 L non-pressurized solar panel Inner stainless steel, Outer stainless steel

Price 745 EURO - VAT included (Oradea pick-up or courier)

Solar panel kit with boiler contains:

  • stainless steel boiler inside 0,5 mm SUS304, stainless steel outside 0,5 mm,
  • stainless steel support,
  • 7,5 cm polyurethane foam insulation,
  • 30 vacuum tubes Ф58 length 1800 mm, 2.55mX1.65m, 810kw / h / sqm/ Year
  • 5 l stainless steel floating vessel,
  • Insulating reflective mirrors (on request).

PRICE with installation, pipes and fittings: 4150 RON with VAT included + travel.


Price for insulated mirror layer / tube = 20 RON / tube with VAT included


The video presentation shows the temperature that the water from the solar panel (boiler) reaches on a sunny day with clouds.

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