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Heat pump water water ground 33KW (three-phase)


4800 EURO (classic model) – VAT included;
6900 Euro (comfort model) – VAT included.

Model: TMC 90 hyper-jet (heats a house between 350 and 450 square meters)

COP [W/W] compressor – COMFORT MODE

Te – evaporation temperature
 Tc – condensation temperature

TECHNICAL DATA HEAT PUMP TMC zr90 hyper-jet 6,2KW / 33KW (TMC 61 module + TMC 28 module)

Technical dataTMC 22TMC 28TMC 48TMC 61
MC / H flow rate1,21,72,53
Rated input power kw/h1,7234,2
Heating power kw/h8121822
Maximum/minimum temperature °C+60 / -10+60 / -10+60 / -10+60 / -10
Compressor performance coefficient max. COP7.077.527.316,68
Noise level (decibels)<60<60<60<60
Scroll compressorCopeland / DaikinCopeland / DaikinCopeland / DaikinCopeland / Daikin
V / Hz power supplyTBUTBUTBUTBU
Refrigerant (optionally added)R407cR407cR407cR407c
Ultraflex heat exchanger (galvanic optional)Tube in tubeTube in tubeTube in tubeTube in tube
Pressure protectionHP / LPHP / LPHP / LPHP / LP
Internet or radio controlOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Transport weight Kg40-6040-6040-6040-60
Dimensions / dimensions cm (without rear connections)H65-L70-L65H65-L70-L65H65-L70-L65H65-L70-L65

Water water ground heat pumps equipped with scroll compressors with powers starting from 8 KW thermal, up to the industrial ones, and the prices start from 1800 Euro.

Heat pumps Termocasa are powered at 230V or 380V, stable and uninterruptible source, protected with grounding, and in case the supply voltage variation is greater than +/-3%, a voltage stabilizer will be installed.

The heat pumps are made to order and other types of heat pumps of different powers can be produced, not only those in the current offer.

COP - maximum under ideal conditions, that is water temperature from the water table to be as high as possible (10-15°C), and water temperature from the heating system (in the floor) should be as low as possible (35-40°C).

Heating temperature can rise up to 60°C.

Water-to-water heat pump COMFORT model (SINGLE PHASE CURRENT) can have a maximum thermal 22kw.

Water-to-water heat pump CLASSIC model (SINGLE PHASE CURRENT) can have a maximum of 14kw thermal.

Production capacity up to 1300 pcs. HEAT PUMPS annually !!!

Heat pumps Termocasa they can be soundproofed (antiphoning) on ​​request, so that the noise produced by them is not greater than the noise produced by a refrigerator.

An expert's opinion about the heat pump Termocasa
Customer opinion about the heat pump Termocasa
Customer opinion about the heat pump Termocasa
Customer opinion about the heat pump Termocasa


Installed heat pumps
Heat pump assembly
Award for innovation Termocasa in Geneva
Romania – production of heat pumps Termocasa
Example of installation according to the customer's needs
Example of serpentine in the ground

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