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Heat pumps Termocasa - WARRANTY conditions


What are the Warranty terms for water-to-water or ground-to-water heat pumps?

Standard Warranty:

  • Heat pumps TERMOCASA Classic model benefits from a 10-year warranty period for the compressor and 2 years for the rest of the components.
  • Heat pumps TERMOCASA the Comfort model benefits from a 20-year warranty period for the compressor and 2 years for the rest of the components.

Premium warranty:

  • Heat pumps TERMOCASA the Comfort models benefit from a 10-year full warranty Premium package for a fee (20% of the full price of the heat pump).

At intervals of up to 3 years, for heat pumps Termocasa an overhaul is mandatory, during which the consumables or other components that show wear or do not work within the parameters are replaced. During this revision, labor is performed free of charge (for the Premium warranty) or for a fee (for the Standard warranty) depending on the type of warranty, and the customer will only bear the cost of the consumables. These revisions are necessary and are carried out by the company Termocasa or its representatives, at the customer's home or headquarters (condition valid only for customers from Romania, for heat pumps sold for export, these terms will be negotiated with the customer) and only at the written request of the customer, to ensure that you benefit from all the comfort and safety in the up to 20 years warranty.

Limited Warranty:

  • At heat pumps Termocasa Classic model, the customer can opt for a full warranty of only 3 years without the obligation to maintain or change the heat pump consumables Termocasa.
  • At heat pumps Termocasa Comfort model, the customer can opt for a full warranty of only 5 years without the obligation to maintain or change heat pump consumables Termocasa.

These warranty terms have been set based on the company's over 10 years of experience TERMOCASA it also acquired it from the performance of the equipment and components used.

Why offer Termocasa such long warranty periods?

Reliability tests:

  • Heat pumps Termocasa are equipped with particularly reliable components, which have been subjected to endurance and stress tests for the last 10 years, and the test results have proven the reliability of the materials and techniques used in the production process.

Silver Field Welding:

  • As is known, all heat pump manufacturers develop technologies capable of ensuring the durability of welds over time, thus experts in chemistry and material technology within the company Termocasa have done several tests and developed welding execution protocols that involve the use of precious metals such as Silver in alloys, and the welding technique is complemented by a controlled welding atmosphere using hydrogen in combination with other chemical compounds that can ensure the sealing of all welding pores so that there are no leaks during the 20-year warranty period of the products Termocasa.
  • These techniques are clearly superior compared to the techniques used by our competitors, which is why we can provide a guarantee period of up to 20 years.

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