18kw HEATED 150-180-300sqm

- 4400 EURO (classic model) VAT included
- 5900 EURO (comfort model) VAT included

MODEL: TMC A18 hyper-jet 18kw

Classic Model: 2 years full warranty


Comfort Model: 5 years full warranty and preparation for capacity expansion + 1 module 


Why heat pumps Termocasa are the best sellers on the market:

- The only air-water heat pumps with up to 5 years full warranty

- The best value for money, ie prices without competition

- The first heat pumps that do not stop during defrosting but provide continuous heat.

- The best performance in relation to the competition

- The first and only pumps on the market built of individual modules (multimodular) that operate in cascade.

- The first and only pumps on the market that use the Ultraflex heat exchanger Termocasa with up to 5 independent channels.




Technical data TMC A6 TMC A12 TMC A18 TMC A24
     Rated power input kw / h 0,16 - 3,1 0,16 - 6.2 0,16 - 9,3 0,16 - 12,4
     Heating power kw / h 1,6 - 8,8 1,6 - 17,6 1,6 - 26,4 1,6 - 35,2
     Minimum operating temperature ° C  . . . .
     Max SCOP compressor performance coefficient 5.1 5.1 5.1 5.1
          Noise level (decibels) <60 <60 <60 <60
          Compressor  Full DC Inverter Full DC Inverter Full DC Inverter Full DC Inverter
          V / Hz power supply TBU TBU TBU TBU
          Refrigerant (optional additive) R32 R32 R32 R32
     Ultraflex heat exchanger (optional galvanic) Pipe in pipe Pipe in pipe Pipe in pipe Pipe in pipe
          Pressure protection HP / LP HP / LP HP / LP HP / LP
          Internet or radio control Optional: Optional: Optional: Optional:
          Transport weight Kg 20 + 50 20 + 50 + 50 20 50 + + + 50 50 20+50+50+50+50
     Unit int Dimensions / gauge cm (without rear connections) H65-L70-L65 H65-L70-L65 H65-L70-L65 H65-L70-L65


Air heat pumps - the water TERMOCASA can be installed by any authorized installer without specialization in the field of heat pumps and keeps its full warranty !!!

Heat pumps Termocasa are powered at 230V or 380V , stable and uninterruptible source , protected with earth and in case the supply voltage variation is greater than +/- 3% will be installed a voltage stabilizer.

Air-to-water heat pumps are equipped with Inverter compressors with powers starting from 6 KW thermal to the industrial ones.

Heat pumps are made to order and other types of heat pumps of different powers can be produced, not only those in the current offer.

Heating temperature can increase up to 60 ° C.



Production capacity up to 3200pcs HEAT PUMPS annually !!!
















Expert opinion about Heat pump Termocasa

Customer reviews about Heat pump Termocasa

Customer reviews about Heat pump Termocasa

Customer reviews about Heat pump Termocasa


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    Termocasa it is not just a company, it is a Group of companies that collaborate in the development and production of equipment and technologies contributing significantly to environmental protection. 

    Our philosophy is represented by the development of Romania, which is why we outsource most of the production of Heat Pumps and Solar Panels, being involved as many Romanians as possible in the production, sale and distribution activity. 

    Thus each product marketed by TERMOCASA encompasses the work and effort of more than 10 authorized companies, sole proprietorships or natural persons and more than 50 Romanian who do their best to make better and more competitive products than the competition.

    Given that we have more than 10 years experience, all products Termocasa benefit from a special assistance to the client and unparalleled performance, we consider that we have done, do and will do everything we can so that no client is dissatisfied because the best advertisement are satisfied customers.



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