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Boiler 300L – TMC 300 Dual


STAINLESS STEEL boiler TERMOCASA, 300 liters, double coil 3,2 mXNUMX

Price: 4900 ron - VAT included

The INOX boiler 300l with 2 coils is an excellent solution for heat pumps and solar water heating systems.

TERMOCASA TMC 300 DUAL is a boiler with a unique design, built entirely of stainless steel, the inner tank and coils. The two coils, made of stainless steel, together with magnesium anode prevents limescale deposits and increases the life of the boiler. The 50 mm thick insulation of ultra-dense polyurethane foam ensures maximum efficiency.

The boilers Termocasa are the best choice for heat pumps and solar water heating systems with a lifespan of at least 20 years. The boiler can be mounted vertically, on the floor, with support legs that allow easy cleaning under it. Depending on the needs and preferences of the user, the equipment can use three different sources of water heating:

  • Coil for solar panel or heat pump – the most economical way to use,
  • Serpentine for the heating plant or thermofireplace/heater,
  • Electrical resistance of 2 kW or more.

Specifications Boiler 300L – TMC 300 Dual

Technical dataTMC 300 Dual
Maximum coil pressure12 Bar
Constructive typeboiler with 2 coils + rez. electric
AssemblyVertical floor
Volume300 Litres
Maximum boiler temperature75 ° C
Maximum boiler pressure7 Bar
Surface. school snake heat sup.1,6 mp
Surface. school snake heat inf.1,6 mp
Cold water inlet connection3/4 inch
DHW outlet connection3/4 inch
Snake inlet connection. sup.3/4 inch
Snake outlet connection. sup.3/4 inch
Snake inlet connection. inf.3/4 inch
Snake outlet connection. inf.3/4 inch
Drain connection3/4 inch
Alimentare electric230/50V/Hz
Electrical resistance power2000
Height1800 mm
Outer diameter580 mm
Insulation thickness50 mm
MASS (kg)83 Kg

Design by Adrian Farcaş
Romanian top level engineering

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